About Order Cancellation
·7 days before pick-up time – free cancellation
·6 to 3 days before pick-up time – deduct 30% of the order fee
·3 to 2 days before the pick-up time – deduct 50% of the order fee
·Within 24 hours of pick-up time -70% of the order fee will be deducted

Regarding the compensation for peace of mind
The vehicle comes with vehicle insurance, but the customer has their own burden (exemption) of 100000 yen.
If the vehicle cannot be leased due to an accident, the customer shall bear the compensation amount for the suspension of business.

If you join the “Comfort Compensation” program, you can waive the customer’s exemption amount and compensation responsibility for business closure, allowing you to travel with more peace of mind.

About Drivers
By default, only one driver is allowed to drive the vehicle per appointment
Additional drivers need to pay an additional 2200 yen per person and must provide a driver’s license to register with our company. Otherwise, in the event of an accident, the insurance company will not settle the claim.

About Payment
Payment must be made using a credit card under the driver’s personal name

About Fuel
According to the fuel gauge position of the vehicle at the time of delivery, it is necessary to add fuel to the same or higher position when returning the vehicle. (The excess fuel will not be compensated by our company)

If the fuel is not added to the location recorded at the time of delivery, our company will roughly estimate and charge the corresponding fuel fee based on the oil price on that day.